15.8.2021 Retriever Club Show in Burgdorf

Sehr gut (offene Klasse)

Richterbericht (Alessandro Zeppi, IT): A bit light in body, masculine expression, correct head proportion, dark eyes, well developed chest, narrow chest in front, straight angulation in front, correct cut feet, high on the legs, not in good coat condition today, sound movement with correct tail.


8.12.2019 Retriever Weihnachtsausstellung in Olten

Sehr gut (offene Klasse)

Richterbericht (Sue Hush, GB): 2 years old boy, lightly build, but in excellent muscular condition, nice head and expression, straight fore legs and good feet, top line ok and adequate bend of stifles, moves well.


7.12.2019 Retriever Weihnachtsausstellung in Olten

Sehr gut (offene Klasse)

Richterbericht (Vicky Clarke, GB): Exuberant boy, who is totally one with handler, rich golden coat, slighter built, balanced angles, would a little more spring in rib, good topline and stifle, moved with easecovering ground well,
capable of doing a days work in field.


25.8.2019 Retriever Club Show in Burgdorf

Vorzüglich, 2. Platz, RCAC (Zwischenklasse)

Richterbericht (Janis Ward, GB): Free and easy mover, lovely dog gold boy, so well muscled, a smaller size, sweet expression, at one with handler.


19.5.2019 La Nationale Lémanique in Montricher

Sehr gut (Jugendklasse)

Richterbericht (Philippe Lammens, F): Super tempérament, tête correcte avec une très belle expression et pigmentation, bonne encolure, excellente ligne de dos et attache du fouet, avant-bras pourrait et épaules pourraient être plus obliques, très belle angulation arrière, cage thoracique bien descendue, bonne qualité de poil et d’ossature de pieds, mouvement actif.


17.3.2019 Dog Show Project in Münsingen

Vorzüglich (Jugendklasse)

Richterbericht (Lynn Kipps, GB): Super temperament in rich golden coat. Excellent head and expression. Stands four square with a very attentive expression. Displayed level topline, correct tailset, balanced angles front and rear. He moved excellently, very stylishly with good reach and drive. Excellent.


9.12.2018 Retriever Weihnachtsausstellung in Olten

Gut, 3. Platz (Jugendklasse)

Richterbericht (Paula Edwards, GB): Working type, being finer than is required of the breed standard, lacks overall balanced, being rather tall on the leg for deepth of body, however does have kind expression with dark eye, and moved with good extension in the forehand and hindquarter. Presenting in good hard condition.


24.6.2018 IHA in Aarau

Vielversprechend, 1. Platz (Jüngstenklasse)

Richterbericht (Günter Wonisch, AT): 7 Monate alter dunkler Rüde, guter Kopf mit gut eingesetztem dunklem Auge, Vorbrust und Brust dem Alter entsprechend, sehr schöner Rücken, korrekte Hinterhandwinkelungen, zeigt schon gute Ansätze in der Bewegung, freundliches Wesen.


18.3.2018 Dog Show Project in Münsingen

Versprechend, 2. Platz (Welpenklasse)

Richterbericht (Hilary Male, GB): A raw baby who needs time to fill his frame, a happy boy with nice head, good pigmentation,
good length of neck, straight front, good bone, moves happy, needs more practice, gave handler a hard time, moves soundly.